Captain James

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Captain James Lowe ~ Owner Lowe Tide Charters

Hello fellow fishing lovers.

Thank you for visiting Lowe Tide Charters.

Born and raised in west central Florida, I have been fishing the Tampa Bay area by boat, kayak and on land with family and friends my whole life. This is home and the water is my life.

Growing up my dad always took me fishing, hunting and camping to experience everything that the great outdoors has to offer. My family got me into various sports when I was very young, racing go karts and becoming addicted to the other sport I love that starts with the letter “F”…football. I was blessed enough to play football for 18 years, including some college ball at Northern Iowa. Shortly after college I got the experience of a life time working as a jack man on a Nascar Craftsman Truck Series racing team, traveling up and down the east coast. Something I will never forget but my true passion was to be on the water and fishing reeled me back in.

In 2009 I started doing Kayak charters in the backwaters of Tampa Bay and in 2011 I obtained my USGC captains license so that I could share all of my experience of what this beautiful area has to offer on the water by boat. Lowe Tide Charters was born and I have not looked back.

In 2011 I started Team Lowe Tide, a semi professional tournament fishing team targeting redfish, traveling up and down the west coast of Florida finishing top 10 in several tours in West Central Florida.

As an inshore specialist working for DogFish Tackle Co, St. Petersburg, has allowed me to stay on top of all the latest equipment and techniques which I enjoy passing along to my clients. Fishing is my passion, each trip and fish caught is an experience like no other. I love to see the smiles on faces of my clients on every trip, whether they are catching there first fish or an experienced client learning something new. I live on the water, scouting for new areas and learning new things every day. I am proud to offer my experience and share my love of the water with all my clients so that they can have the best fishing experience Tampa Bay has to offer. This is your day, are you ready? Lets go FISHING…


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